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Fireside Experts

All Valley Distributing, Inc. DBA Marco distributing, was founded in 1972. In business now for over 40 years, we have grown to become one of Southern California’s leading installation companies in residential construction for Heatilator, Ortal and Heat & Glo zero clearance fireplaces, pre cast mantels, and Wayne Dalton garage doors. We take great pride in the quality and efficiency of our work and offer an array of services tailored to our customer's needs in fireplace selection, installation, repair and more. 

Fireplace Selection

The first step of the Fireside Experts process is the selection of your fireplace which will occur in our new showroom. One of our friendly sales representatives will help determine which fireplace is right for your home. Once you have selected the perfect fireplace, you will receive a quote. A preview visit will also be scheduled during this time. The previewer will visit your home and inspect the area where the fireplace will be installed. When the inspection is complete, the previewer will schedule the installation of your fireplace.

Fireplace Installation

All Valley Distributing, Inc., uses certified installers for all installations. We will treat your home as if it were our own by protecting the area of installation. The installer will schedule inspections, making sure to request a time and date that is convenient for you. Once installation is complete, a start-up visit is scheduled (for fireplaces only).

Start-Up Visit

The start-up visit includes a review of the general operation and maintenance of your fireplace. The installer will also discuss the features and options that are available to complete your remodeling project. At All Valley Distributing, Inc., we strive to make this the most pleasant experience in turning your house into a home.

Fireplace Repair

Fireside Experts offers fireplace repair services tailored to your precise needs. One of our expert technicians will come to your house, inspect your fireplace, diagnose the problem, and give you a quote to repair your fireplace promptly always within your budget.

Overhead Garage Door

Overhead Door Company of the Los Angeles Basin has served Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside for 30+ years. We specialize in the highest quality garage doors, offering a wide selection of Overhead and Wayne Dalton garage doors that will make your home look fantastic.

The evolution of the fireplace

Since the beginning of history, human beings have used fireplaces for heat and security. It is said that the discovery of fire is second only to the discovery of language. So it is no surprise that fireplaces are such a valued commodity. They are simple, effective and very convenient. The perfect way to contain a fire within the comfort of your very own home.

Before today’s modern marvels, fireplaces were simply made up of stones with perhaps a hole in the roof of the structure to allow the smoke to vent upwards. This had some irritating side effects such as tremendous air pollution, inefficient burn and dirt and ash everywhere.

Fireplaces were simply a necessity for a long time. It was common knowledge how they were built and they worked as well as could be expected. In the 18th century fireplaces evolved into the centerpiece of the home, an aesthetic creation as well as a practical fixture. New methods of construction and manufacturing were being discovered as fireplaces progressed into the beautiful, artistic masterpieces they are today.